Sweet Peanut Buttercup

Recipe as seen on Food Netwok Challenge: Ice Cream Clash

This recipe is broken down into three compontents:

Chocolate Ice Cream

milk 1.2 liters
trimoline 7 ounces
milk powder 2.5 Ounces
egg yolks 1.5 ounces
stabilizer (cremodan ice cream) 1/4 ounce
sugar 3.5 ounces
72% chocolate, chopped 13 ounces

In a medium saucepan boil milk with trimoline. Add the milk powder and stabilizer, and stir to mix well. Combine the egg yolks and the sugar in a small bowl. Remove the milk mixture from the heat and add a little to the eggs to temper. Return the egg mixture to the saucepan. Add the chocolate and whisk to emulsify. Strain and let rest, refrigerated for 24 hours before churning in a paco jet or spinning in batch freezer.


egg whites 18 ounces
sugar 18 ounces

Mix ingredients; strain. Fill a whipped cream siphon and charge twice with n2o gas. Allow to rest 3 to 6 hours before using.


peanut butter crunch cereal 3.5 ounces
roasted salted peanuts

3.5 ounces

turbinado sugar 3.5 ounces
cocoa powder 1 ounce

Combine all crunch ingredients.

Assembly and Plating:

Spoon 2 tablespoons crunch into each ice cream coupe and place 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream on top. Add a generous portion of marshmallow over the ice cream and burnish with a hand-held blow torch. Serve immediately.