Type: Cocoa butter emulsion
Item: Passionnaise

225 grams Passion fruit juice, fresh;
75 grams Honey;
3 grams Low Methoxy Pectin;
75 grams Cocoa butter, raw (Big Tree Farms);
1g Glycerin flake

Bring passion fruit juice and honey to a boil;
Using a hand held immersion blender, incorporate the pectin;
Strain and allow to cool to approximately 34 Celsius;
Meanwhile, melt cocoa butter with glycerin to 60 Celsius;
Allow cocoa butter to cool to just below 29 Celsius;
Add cocoa butter slowly to passion mix with hand blender, as if mounting a mayonnaise.
When thick and fluffy, reserve cold.
if you are feeling juicy, try “butter-poaching” your lobsters in this for a crustacean creamsicle…

WillPowders used:
Low Methoxy Pectin >>
Glycerin flake >>