Our products are split into seven categories based on their culinary use.


“I use this lecithin to make anything lighter than air….and to keep latte milk from falling."
"To mix oil and water, these Glycerin Flakes are perfect; your vinaigrettes will never separate”
- Will Goldfarb

Products in this category:


“Sodium Alginate, when used in conjunction with Calcium Chloride, allow you to shape desserts into spheres (creating membranes around liquids); it gels on the outside and keeps liquids on the inside.”
"I use Calcium Lactate in spherification in place of calcium chloride when the liquid I want to gel contains fat.”
"Sodium Citrate is a PH regulator that allows you to gel highly acidic substances, like citric fruits, mangos and pineapples. It’s perfect for desserts that have acidic foods which would not otherwise gel."
- Will Goldfarb

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“Agar Agar is great vegetarian alternative to gelatin. You can even leave your “jello” out at room temperature or warm”
"Each methylcellulose product functions in a particular temperature range, so you can customize your sauces and mousses I use these to make warm and hot “sabayon” without eggs."
- Will Goldfarb


"Xanthan Gum is a “wonder” thickener. Try this instead of flour in your gravies."
"Tapioca Starch: great for thickening cold liquids, like turning fruit juices into sauces."
- Will Goldfarb


"I use this egg white powder in most everything. Make the best meringues you’ve ever had!"
"I use Versawhip to make my mousses light and bubbly. Turn anything into a delicate foam. "
- Will Goldfarb


“I use this to make powders out of oils and praline pastes. Turn your peanut butter into powder”
- Will Goldfarb


"Practically speaking, Isomalt is a wonder, especially for those, like me, who work in high humidity climates."
- Will Goldfarb



"Transglutaminase is an enzyme preparation that may be used for bonding all sorts of materials, such as red meat, poultry, dairy, and seafood."
- Will Goldfarb